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About Piper Ledge

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Piper Ledge Adjusting and Appraisal LLC is a team of licensed public adjusters, based in Maine, comprised to ensure that your insurance claim is settled quickly, efficiently and that you receive the compensation that you deserve. We have represented homeowners and business owners throughout the United States, its territories and internationally. Our team members specialize in areas to ensure every piece of your claim has been reviewed by the best and nothing was missed. This includes on-site anaylsis of building damage, a detailed inventory of your contents down to the last pencil and estimates of cost to replace your building and contents. By reviewing your policy, our team can determine if there are coverages you are eligible for, and present that evidence as well.

Our team offers free advice and the first consultation on your claim. If you have questions, we hope to be able to answer them for you. If hiring a public adjuster isn't beneficial to your claim, we will let you know and attempt to provide you with resources so you may recieve the settlement you deserve.